Follow-Up with the Customer

We get notes from customers telling us they appreciate the service we provide.  Here is one that, when we opened the email, made our week! Thanks Randy! Robert of Automotive Autobahn: You left me a message on my cell phone about 2 weeks ago following up on a brief visit I made to your shop.  You checked out my 02 Honda Odyssey to ensure that another shop could hook up their equipment for the state inspection.  You got me right in and recommended a place nearby to get that done. That was great.  Turns out that the next day I was in a "town hall" meeting where I work and they talked about one thing that customers want from businesses is a follow-up.  It shows the customer that you … [Read more...]

Don’t skimp on a battery

Batteries are such an important part of your car, that it really does pay to buy a good one. Also in this case, size does matter! We find that most people don't understand the role a battery takes in the vehicle.  The size of the battery, it's cold cranking amp (CCA) capacity number and, more importantly,  it's reserve capacity (RC) number are the crucial markers for a correctly fitted battery.   The higher these numbers, the stronger  the battery. CCA is the number of amps a battery can support for 30 seconds at a temperature of 0 degrees F until the voltage drops to unusable levels. RC helps to power your vehicle's electrical system if the alternator fails. It indicates the … [Read more...]

BMW V-8 coolant leak defect

Last year, we had a customer come to us with a very severe coolant leak in his BMW 545i with 73K miles on it.   As it turns out, BMW's V-8 motor design has a flaw that should ultimately cause all of the V-8 motors to need this same repair. Our customer described the symptoms as an overheating engine along with a burning antifreeze smell.  One might suspect the waterpump and or thermostat to be the culprit.  However in this scenario we noticed the coolant bleed hole next to the waterpump was gushing antifreeze. Further investigation was required. Through extensive research we found that the seal bonded to the coolant pipe inside the engine fails.  We could replace the waterpump all day … [Read more...]

How an air conditioning compressor breaks down

We had a new customer with an A/C problem.  It wasn't blowing cold air into the vehicle.  As it turned out, the compressor to the air conditioning system had broken.  As most of us would want to know, she asked how it happened and what if anything she could have done to prevent it. The thing about your A/C compressor is that it runs most of the year, not just in the summer.  Your HVAC system in your car is like your home.  It pulls moisture out of the air and this is what cools us down in hot temperatures, and also what defrosts our windows in winter.  But the compressor itself is like an engine.  It needs servicing too. Her car probably would have never needed the repair if she had … [Read more...]